Iconic Ariana Grande Tattoo and Their Meaning

Ariana Grande is a renowned pop sensation who has millions of fans crazy about her all around the globe. She has captivated the world with her powerful vocals and her fan following is one of the highest in the world. Fans keep an eye on every minute detail of their idols and stars.

The same is the case with Ariana as she has become a trendsetter in the realm of tattoos. Each Ariana Grande tattoo carries unique significance and provides a glimpse into her personal life and the journey that shaped her life.

Ariana Grande Tattoo and Their Contemplation 

Each Ariana Grande tattoo has a meaning or a story behind it. Let’s see all the Ariana Grande’s tattoos and the meaning behind them-

1. Always On Her Ribcage

It is her most iconic tattoo that adorns her ribcage. It serves as a tribute to her close group of friends. The word always symbolizes the everlasting bond they share and the significance of friendship in her life.

2. The Bee On Her Left Ear

The Bee On Her Left Ear

The bee on her left ear showcases her solidarity with the affected community following the tragic Manchester Arena bombing in 2017 during her concert. She chose the tattoo as a resilient symbol to honor the victims of the city.

3. Moon And Stars On Her Hand

Moon And Stars On Her Hand

This tattoo represents a celestial connection. It features a delicate crescent moon and stars. It visualizes her fascination with the cosmos and the impact it has on her spirituality.

4. Mille Tendresse On The Back Of Her Neck

It is said to be inspired by the classic film Breakfast at Tiffany’s. It is a French phrase that translates to a thousand tenderness. 

5. Baby Doll On Her Finger

This tattoo pays homage to her grandfather who affectionately called her baby doll. It serves a special place in her heart and serves as a touching tribute to her strong family connections that have shaped her character.

6. Butterfly On Her Shoulder

Butterfly on her Shoulder

This tattoo is positioned on her shoulder. It represents transformation and growth. Since butterflies are often associated with metamorphosis, the tattoo symbolizes her evolution on both personal and professional grounds.

7. Lumos On Her Hand

It is a spell from the Harry Potter series that illuminates the surroundings. It contemplates her love for the magical world and her desire to bring love and light into the lives of people around her.

8. Heart On Her Toe

It is a subtle yet impactful symbol of love that is placed on her toe. It represents her belief in the power of love and reminds her to keep her heart grounded.

9. Outline Of A Cloud On Her Finger

The cloud tattoo symbolizes lightness and the freedom to dream. It is a testament to Ariana’s imaginative spirit and her ability to find inspiration in the simplest of things.


Ariana’s tattoos are a living canvas that narrates her journey, emotions, love, inspiration, connections, and much more. Each inked design tells a story allowing her fans to connect with their star on a deeper level. The article above vividly explains the meaning of the tattoos inked on Ariana Grande.

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