Ariana Grande Perfumes: What Perfumes Does She Wear?

Ariana Grande is a name famous worldwide for her iconic style and powerhouse vocals. Grande extends her presence beyond the music stage with her distinct fashion statement and choices.

From her styling, dresses, and hairstyles to fragrances, she has been a topic of speculation for fans around the globe. The pop sensation mostly wears scents that she has curated in her collection of perfumes which flawlessly reflect her exceptional personality.

5 Ariana Grande Perfumes in Her Collection

Ariana Grande perfume

Ariana Grande mostly uses perfumes from her own brand. Given below is the list of five Ariana Grande perfumes that she always keeps in her collection-

1. Cloud by Ariana Grande

Cloud by Ariana Grande

This is one of her signature scents. This is a fragrance that captures the essence of a dreamy and carefree day. It has notes of lavender, pear, and coconut, which makes this perfume deliver a light and airy aroma. It is additionally reminiscent of a soft and comforting embrace. This is a scent that effortlessly blends sophistication with Ariana’s playful charm.

2. Ari by Ariana Grande

Ari by Ariana Grande

This is the perfect pick for those seeking a flirty and feminine fragrance. This scent by Ariana Grande is one of the favorites of users as it combines fruity and floral notes such as raspberry, rose, and vanilla orchid, creating a delightful concoction. It profoundly mirrors Ariana’s sweet yet powerful presence. This fragrance transitions from day to night effortlessly.

3. R.E.M. by Ariana Grande

R.E.M. by Ariana Grande

Ariana’s fragrance line also includes “R.E.M.” which is a perfume inspired by the dreamy world of outer space. It has notes of fig, salted caramel, and lavender. This fragrance evokes a sense of mystery and enchantment. The celestial vibes of R.E.M. make it a perfect choice for those who want a perfume that stands out and leaves a lasting impression.

4. God Is A Woman

God Is A Woman

This fragrance is named after one of her hit songs “God Is A Woman”. It is a fragrance that embodies empowerment and sensuality. The combination of indulgent ingredients such as marshmallow rose, and musk creates a sultry and captivating aroma. This perfume is a testament to Ariana’s ability to infuse her essence into every aspect of her brand.

5. Thank U, Next

Thank U, Next

Ariana Grande’s fragrance collection would be incomplete without a nod to her chart-topping single “Thank U, Next.” This perfume is a celebration of resilience. It features a blend of white pear, raspberry, and coconut. The perfume encourages individuals to embrace change and move forward with confidence.


In conclusion, Ariana Grande’s perfume collection is a contemplation of her multifaceted personality. Whether you choose the dreamy and carefree notes of “Cloud” or you go for the empowering allure of “God Is A Woman,” each fragrance tells a unique story. Ariana has created a line of perfumes that allows fans to connect with her on a personal level by incorporating elements from her own experiences and songs into her scents.

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